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Fluid Motion Sales, inc. is a team of hydraulic specialists bringing together quality manufacturers for custom solutions from design to complete integration. We specialize in integrated components specification and assembly. Valve specifications are very critical to an efficient system. We created valve packages to fit into a custom manifold and controlled using an ECU computer module. Our in-house CNC machine shop gives us quick response and hands on quality control.


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  • Mark Johnson, SEP 20, 2009“The Service Team at Fluid Motion has been a big help in working with us to overcome some major quality issues we were experiencing with a design that was not working for us. They helped us improve upon our design and bring the project to a successful close, and under deadline for our customer...”

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We offer services many manufacturers do not. We can work with you on prototyping, testing, even designing. We offer 1 hour FREE design consultation, using advanced 3D rendering software that enables us to troubleshoot potential problems before beginning any manufacturing.

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Fluid Motion Sales is the largest Texas manufacturer of valve manifolds. Our new 11,000 square foot production facility is located in Dallas. For more than 25 years, we have been designing valve circuits for demanding applications. Our complete valve assembles are designed for optimum performance, to reduce maintenance, and to enable fast installation. Our leading manufacturers include::