Schematic Design

The functional representation of your complete system can be created with schematic symbols by our highly trained sales team. We utilize cutting edge iDesign software developed by leaders in the fluid power industry. This software can also be automated to review the system’s performance before any physical resources have been used.

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Our fluid power specialists can troubleshoot and recommend replacements for all major lines of valves, cylinders, pumps, and motors, regardless of brand and we have the ability to replicate unavailable or discontinued parts thru the use of our cutting-edge CAD/CAM software and CNC machining centers.

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Custom Manufacturing

Our production facility is equipped with CNC Machining centers, CAM software, 3D Drafting, and bench testing for 100% quality. We also design and manufacture hydraulic power units incorporating electronic control, integrated valves systems, cylinders, motors, and pumps for a complete application specific package.

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Testing & Prototyping

We adhere to ISO 9001 processes and procedures, and perform testing to ensure quality and performance. We recommend prototype evaluation prior to production. We can fast track new prototyping to reduce your startup lead times and ensure repeatable precision and superior quality in each run.

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Schematics Design

Let Fluid Motion Sales review your existing schematics to recommend performance enhancing parts.

Valves are considered the operational nervous system of hydraulic power units. Large varieties of valves control pressure, flow, and direction. Fluid Motion Sales can recommend the best fit for your application. Valves can be adjustable, controlled mechanically and electronically. With today’s technology we can program the function of your machine with computer aided systems. A computer controlled system can optimize efficiency and save you and your customers operating costs. Automated machines are reliable, repeatable, and safer to operate.


Click the videos below for example of our production capabilities

  • Hydraulics Manufacturing Video 1